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The Waltham Friction Fit Balance Staff.

The Waltham Friction Fit Balance Staff.

Posted May-14-07 13:39:38 PDT Updated May-14-07 13:44:42 PDT

The Waltham Friction Fit Balance Staff.

One of the most innovative inventions of the pocket watch industry was the design of the friction fit balance staff.  These staffs were used not only by Waltham, but other companies such as Hamilton and Howard also used them.  The friction fit staff made it possible to install a new staff without the need to cut out the old staff using the watchmakers lathe.  The only tools required was the staking set.  Click on the following picture to see details of the Waltham friction fit balance staff.

Friction fit balance staffs almost eliminated damage to the delicate balance wheel that could be caused by cutting the old staff out using the lathe or damage cause by distorting to balance arms when staking in a new rivet style balance staff.  Many watchmakers that worked in the days leading up to the friction fit balance staff hailed it as one of the greatest inventions of the watchmaking industry.



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